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Angelic Pretty Tea Party in SF 11/21/2010 [21 Nov 2010|09:31pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So on Saturday I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the Angelic Pretty tea party held today (Sunday) at Crown in Crumpet in Ghiradelli Square, San Francisco.

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Angelic Pretty!! [06 Nov 2010|10:45am]
Well they finally posted some more information about the Angelic Pretty SF store opening and its going to be on Saturday, November 20th :) It looks like they are sharing a store with Harajuku Hearts which will be selling some other gothic lolita brands. I am excited but also a little disapointed they picked Downtown/The Financial District for their location. It just doesn't seem to fit there. Japan Town would have made the most sense to me but even if they didn't want to be in the same location as Baby I think there are a lot of other neighborhoods in SF the store would have fit in better. My friend Crystal is going to go with me to the opening. Anyone else interested?


I really hope they have this print at the opening. I really like it but don't want to pay the high second hand market prices.

They have a tea party that Sunday so I hope I can go to that as well!

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Angelic Pretty store opening in SF! [04 Oct 2010|10:23pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Wow - well SF is the place to be! I just learned Angelic Pretty is going to be opening a store in SF next month. That's right, November! This seriously came out of nowhere. It does seem like a logical step for them especially since the Baby store seems to be doing well. I wonder if they'll have some sort of tea party for the opening? :) I actually only own one Angelic Pretty JSK but this will be a good opportunity to get more.

I do find it strange they are picking Union Square - to me Japan Town seems a lot more logical. Union Square is so pricey and gothic lolita fashion is such a niche market. Oh well, either way I'll be there!


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BTSSB X Gloomy Bear Ice Cream Party [18 Sep 2010|07:55pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I am really excited about the BTSSB Ice Cream party tomorrow because Mori Chack, the creator of Gloomy Bear, is going to be there! I guess this year is the 10 year anniversary of Gloomy Bear and I am fairly sure I have liked Gloomy for almost 10 years now. I remember getting my first Gloomy Bear sometime in mid-high school, which was sadly 10 years ago now..but anyway..

Before the ice cream party he will be doing custom sketches for those spending $100 or more on Gloomy stuff. There are still tickets available if anyone is interested:


I got my friend Crystal into gothic lolita and now we have matching outfits we are going to wear tomorrow. :D I am such a dork..

That's about all, might be going over to my friends house in a few minutes to watch original Tron. There will be a lot of dated special effects to get past but it still might be interesting to watch.

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Lieselotte! [15 Aug 2010|08:40pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I ended up winning Lieselotte at VolksUSA so I am really excited! :) It seems like most people if not everyone won this time around. I am glad Volks seemed to produce more dolls for this Dolpa, I hate when there are only a few winners and then it goes to crazy Y!J bidding wars.

Saturday was a very BTSSB day as I also went to their SF store and got a lucky pack for myself. I got there with some friends at about 8:30am and waited in line 4+ hours. It was worth it because I got an awesome Jumper Skirt in my lucky pack! Its the color I wanted (black) and it fits :D

The one I got is the same print as this and is in black but mine has a bow on the top instead of at the waist and doesn't have the buttons in the front:

The lucky pack also came with a matching bonnet, tights, a shirt and a necklace.

So after all that I am really broke :/ I made some attempts to work on my Etsy shop today but mostly I just cleaned the house and played this Scott Pilgrim video game.

Ok off to watch True Blood...

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Mid Summer [11 Aug 2010|09:29pm]
Well I thought it was timely I finally update this LJ, its been forever!

I am really hoping I win Lieselotte <3 I entered for her in the VolksUSA lottery and have been anxious about it ever since. It looks like everyone will be finding out tomorrow. Isn't she lovely?

If I don't win with VolksUSA I am going to try in the Volks AE but after that I will probably give up. Still I really hope I win, haven't loved a girl this much since probably Kurumi.

In other news my Etsy shop is doing well (http://sugaryberry.etsy.com) I am close to reaching 300 sales so that is exciting. What I want to start sometime soon is a second Etsy shop where I sell Gothic Lolita style jewelry. I've been experimenting with making different things the last few weeks and might look into selling the stuff at Anime Cons in the Artist Alley. BTW if anyone is interested in a craft day I would love to do one and can bring lots of supplies.

Guess that is all for now, I'll try to be less of a stranger on here :)

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Macaroon success! [31 Jan 2010|05:40pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Ok so this post is a bit late since I actually made these at a get together a week ago but better late then never? :)

I think they actually came out pretty well. I was worried because I thought the clay might not be very strong since its paper clay. I checked them after about 3 days and they were still a bit damp. They seem to be completely dry today and more sturdy now. Nando suggested coating them with some sort of sealant which I might do later. I ordered some blank ring backs but they haven't arrived yet. I ordered a smaller mold and I'm going to try making a few for BJD props. Btw thank you Kelly for the rhinestones! They really made the look.

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Deco Sweets [18 Jan 2010|05:42pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So I decided I would finally try making some deco sweet jewelry and accessories. I thought I would try French macaroons like this and if that worked out I could try other desserts. This is one I bought but its an example of what I am going to try making:

I am going to try a Japanese brand of air dry clay called Hearty for the outside cake part and a different type that is more liquid and shiny (not sure the name because I can't translate it) for the cream center. I have heard silicon makes a good cream center but it is also toxic so I would rather try a less toxic options first to see how it works out.

I've found tons of cute supplies online but that I think would be great but like any craft it really started adding up so I had to limit myself to just the clay and a macaroon mold for now.

I'll post the results once I have them. For now I am still waiting for the supplies to arrive.

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Suzuna is here! [17 Nov 2009|01:42pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I've loved Yo-SD Suzuna since I first got into the hobby back in 2005. Back then I saw Suzuna on the Volks web site and wished I could get her but of course she was already sold out. I was lucky enough to get her in the Nagoya 4 re-release and I'm really happy I finally have her. I still need to work out her look and get her some glass eyes but here are a few box opening shots for now:

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A day in the park [15 Nov 2009|11:49am]
Yesterday I went to Golden Gate Park with Nando and brought Wilson along. It was a suprisingly nice day, not even that cold. We were going to go to the King Tut exhibit but it was $32 so maybe some other time. Instead we walked around the Japanese Tea Gardens and the Botanical Gardens. Here are a few photos I took in various places.

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I got a pink slip so I'll be going to pick up my Yo-SD Suzuna tomorrow :)

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Shoe Love [17 Oct 2009|09:34pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

My favorite aspect of Gothic and Lolita fashion is the shoes. I also love BJD shoes, especially lolita ones XD However its always been hard to me to find shoes for myself in general because I wear a US 11. I have yet to find any lolita brand shoes that would fit me but luckily I can get custom shoes made in my size by some shops on ebay. I decided it was time to get some new shoes since my old pink pair is falling apart and my red rocking horse shoes make me really tall.

To save on shipping I ended up buying three pairs. In retrospect I probably should have ordered a white pair but these will do for now.

I'm going to Japan Town tomorrow with some friends and am looking forward to dressing up and wearing my new shoes ^_^ I'll probably use the black ones for Halloween as well.

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BTSSB Lucky Pack Arrival! [17 Sep 2009|12:01pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

So my Lucky Pack came in the mail yesterday. I wanted to share what I got. I am a little disapointed I got yellow because although I like yellow its not a color that looks good on me. I think I found someone who is willing to trade me for cherry pink so I may do that. I would really like it in mint but I doubt anyone will be willing to trade me for mint. I love the headbow and shirt, especially the headbow, I love BTSSB plastic jewelry and accessories! I wish I could wear my headbow to work, but sadly its probably not work appropriate :(

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Baby The Stars Shine Bright Lucky Pack [10 Sep 2009|10:41pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So I managed to snag one of the BTSSB Lucky Packs that just went on sale on their Japanese website. I was tempted to get more then one but managed to maintain some self control and just got the one I really liked - the Snow Dot Set. I think it comes in 6 different colors so I'm hoping I get a color that isn't pink. Not that I don't love pink but the majority of the gothic lolita clothing I own is pink and I'd like a little variety.


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New People World + Baby Tea Party! [16 Aug 2009|09:26pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I had the best/longest weekend ever! I attended the New People World Grand Opening on Saturday and went to the Baby The Stars Shine Bright Tea Party on Sunday <3

Pictures from Baby Fashion Show and Tea Party + ReviewCollapse )

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Newest Arrival: Yo-SD Nono! [05 May 2009|12:07pm]
[ mood | happy ]

She took a long time to arrive but it was worth the wait! Here is my newest girl, Volks Yo-SD Nono. It looks like her and Hina are already becoming good friends. I wanted to take her outside to take pictures but it's been raining on and off for several days. SD Nono was my first BJD so I couldn't resist getting the Yo version. Later I would like to take pics of the two Nonos together :)

Yo-SD Nono:

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Winter Tea Party [05 Jan 2009|08:54pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

On Friday one of my good friends came over and we made food for a tea party. The color theme was pink and white so I used my pink and white dish set and also dressed the girls in mostly pink and white. The pictures of the girls were taken after the sunset (why does it set so early?) so sorry they are a bit fuzzy.

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Happy Halloween! [26 Oct 2008|08:25pm]
Well I finally got my memory card back from Nando so I'm planning to do a photoshoot soon :) Went to a fun Halloween party today put on by Yvonne and Kelly. I made a witch costume for my Bianka so I'll have to post that later. I did take a few pictures of Hana's Halloween outfit with Nando's camera phone. Poor Hana got sugared out and needed a nap ;)

One more picCollapse )

In terms of BJD items I haven't bought much since Dollectable. I'm thinking I'll enter for the Volks SD size wig lucky packs since they seem too good a deal to pass up. Is anyone else planning to enter? If I get a lot of boy wigs I'll probably be looking to trade them since I only have one boy. I also have my eye on the Yo-SD Nono coming out in a few months. Nono love!

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Nap Time [07 Jul 2008|09:49pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Didn't have the best day today (well it is a Monday at work.. ) so when I got home I decided to take out my sei-tenshi. She always cheers me up with her cute sleepy face and pink wings <3

In other news I am really excited about Dollectable in about a week in and a half. Looking forward to seeing some of you there! I'll be hosting the Spa Night on Saturday so please come visit me :)

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Trip to Muir Woods [03 Jul 2008|10:39am]
So I went on a hike in Muir Woods about a week and a half ago and I am just finally now getting to posting these pictures. For those not from the area Muir Woods is a redwood park in Marin County. I took along Haru and she had fun posing in the park <3

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She's here! (SD Bianka) [04 May 2008|09:15pm]
Bianka arrived on Friday! I wanted to post pictures sooner but I was busy all weekend. I still need to figure out what kind of look I want for her. So far she reminds me a little of my Kurumi :)

Box opening picturesCollapse )

P.S. Sorry the picture quality isn't better. My newer camera is still not working correctly so I'm stuck with the 5 year old one.

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